Eye Care Services - Eye Exams

Eye Care Services - Eye Exams

The eye exam is a thorough investigation of your visual system as a whole. We will perform several vision tests and screen your eyes for retinal and corneal disorders. This exam also includes a detailed ocular health assessment.

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A typical adult eye exam usually last 30 minutes and includes an in depth and unhurried examination of the internal and external parts of your eyes. We will perform a thourough check of the health of your eyes as well as test your vision.

We will perform several vision tests and screen your eyes for a variety of disorders.

  • Internal and External Eye Health: An internal and external examination of your eyes for signs of possible disorders, such as cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and retinal problems.
  • Visual Acuity Exam: This is an assessment test that will assess the acuteness of your visual system.
  • Refraction Exam: The refraction test helps us evaluate your eyes' ability to focus light rays exactly on the retina from a distance and close-up.
  • Focusing Ability Exam: We will measure your eyes' ability to change focus and work together as a team.
  • Tononometry: A critical test for detecting glaucoma, this exam measures the fluid pressure in the eye.
  • Color Vision and Stereo Vision Assessment: We will screen for any color deficiencies and whether you have fully functional depth perception.
  • Strabismus testing: We will assess if you demonstrate proper eye alignment and determine the prescence and amount of an ocular muscle deviation.

Once the exam is over, our doctors will go over any and all findings with you, and offer corrective solutions specifically tailored to your eyecare needs.

Childrens eye exams are also around thirty minutes and include thorough evaluation of the childs eyes health. Children glasses come in many sizes and options and we will make sure that your child has a great fitting and looking pair of glasses.